"Tropical Summer" Sticker Sheet

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Nail Art Sticker Sheet by NailedAF
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These "Tropical Summer" stickers will get you and your client's ready to pack your bags and on a plane to an island destination. Pair these beautiful tropical leaves with some flowers to add some gorgeous depth to your next set.

Even a simple nail sticker can create a trendy and unique nail art design. Our fun and easy to use nail stickers can be used with nail polish, gel polish, hard gel and acrylic foundations.

Product: one sticker sheet


1. Apply base coat and/or colored polish.

2. Use Tweezers to carefully remove the sticker.

3. Place sticker over a dry and clean nail for surface. We recommend to remove the tacky layer for better adhesion if using gel polish.

4. Seal the entire nail with a layer of gel or nail polish top coat.

**Don't forget to properly cap that free edge ladies and gents!

  • Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.