Replacement Files Donut Roll for Expert 20 Metal File

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Manicure Tools by NailedAF
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The Staleks "Donut" Refill File Tape is a stylish way to keep refills on hand! Add this fun product to your first purchase of the Straight Metallic Base, or if it's just time for a refill-this product is a cute way to keep refill files stocked so you are always ready to work! Available in 3 Grit Sizes! (150grit, 180 grit and 240 grit)


  • abrasive retains its properties for a long time
  • craft eco-friendly base
  • the ability to freely measure the length of the removable file
  • easy attachment and removal of the papmAm file from the base
  • reliable fixation
  • clean, glue-free tool after work
  • the plastic case protects the abrasive tape from dirt and damage
  • new case shape and special clip for easy dividing of the papmAm abrasive tape
  • up to 80 disposable papmAm files per roll
  • compact size


This is a cosmetic product. Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted on this product.

Made in Ukraine