Metallic Love Foil Set ❤️

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Nail Foil Collection by NailedAF
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We all want a luxurious nail set? This foil is perfect for that fancy Metallic Finish! Use for Metallic French Tips, Foil Transfer Designs, or Full Cover Nail Application. The creative options are endless!

Boxed Set comes with 10 Colorful Metallic Foils


1. Apply an even coat of our Foil Gel over any gel color or extension.

(make sure to cleanse tacky layer of the base gel color prior to applying Foil Gel).

2. Cure with LED Lamp for 1 min, or UV lamp for 2 mins.

3. Stretch nail foil onto sticky layer and press all over the nail firmly.

4. Gently peel nail foil back , the transfer layer will stick to gel surface.

5. Seal with your choice of a Matte Top Coat or No Wipe Shiny Top Coat.

Foil Set: 10 Foils (each foil 38 in. in length)

Use Information:

-If you are having issues with your foil not sticking to the nail, please make sure you are using our Foil Gel and enough foil gel across the nail so the foil can stick throughout without any missed spots in your designs.

-To save the foil and not waste product. Cut off only the amount of strip you need for the current design and store the remaining foil back in the box.

  • Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.