Donut Replacement Files for Expert 20 Metal File with tape cutter

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Replacement File Rolls by NailedAF
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Yummy right? These DONUTS aren't just deliciously cute but contain high quality abrasive removable files that align with our EXPERT 20 metal base. The best sanitary disposable file to keep your nail shape crisp and reduce clutter and storage pace in your nail room.

100 Grit Abrasive

Key features:

  • user chooses the length of the removable file
  • up to 100 removable files per roll (8 meters)
  • high quality abrasive elements
  • no swelling due to contact with water
  • reliable adhesion to base
  • compact size
  • plastic case protects the abrasive tape from contamination and damage
  • special clip for easy division of abrasive tape
  • mineral abrasive material silicon carbide.

Important: Staleks tools are for professional use only. For the safety of you and your clients, please advise that you should be trained in the use of these manicure instruments. A license or certification should be obtained prior to use of tools on clientele.