"Gold Roses" Charm GS1422

Zircon Charm by NailedAF
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This "charming" zircon set comes with four pieces of high-quality nail charms, perfect for a glamorous nail look. Reusable and curved at the back to fit your nails seamlessly. Our nail charms won't tarnish, stain or fall off. Shop our selection and find sparkling zircon nail charms suited for your style today!

Application: Apply a big drop of your favorite Gem Gel on the nail and place this charm on the desired area, cure in UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. Apply Sealing Gem Gel around the charm and cure for another 60 seconds.

Pro Tips

** Long lasting charms come with a good application. Make sure you are adding the right amount of gem gel and sealing around the charm area with sealing gel to prevent grabbing the charm. Follow manufacturer instructions for the gel you are using.

***NailedAF will be launching Gem Gel and Sealing gem gel 2023!* 

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