NailedAF Brush Set 🌺

Nail Art Brush by NailedAF
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The brush set you never knew you needed until now!

10 flawless and gorgeous brushes that make hand painted designs and gel applications easy to do with a clean finish.

🌺 Beautiful Matte Rose Gold design

🌺 Brushes come with caps to make storing them a breeze

🌺 Create various designs and gel brushes to use for gel application as well.

Brush Set comes with all our amazing brushes:

  • Ombre Brush
  • Angled Nail Art Brush
  • Liner Brush
  • Fan Art Brush
  • Detail Brush 0
  • Detail Brush 00
  • 3D Nail Art Brush
  • Oval Gel Brush
  • Square Gel Brush
  • Round Nail Brush

How to clean:

Make sure to store away from lamp to prevent curing of gels to your brushes.

Use alcohol and a lint free wipe to wipe excess gel in between color changes and use.

Never use acetone or brush cleaner to clean your brushes.