Acrylic Brush 🌺 #8

Acrylic Brush by NailedAF
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Your sets are about to be laidAF 😜 with our NEW NailedAF Acrylic Brush! Sculpt and create effortlessly with our Nail Tech approved brushes!


💅🏻 Pre-pinched oval design

💅🏻 Acetone resistant handle

💅🏻 100% Kolinsky bristles protected with caps

Our brushes have a a comfortable Acetone Resistant Handle and a beautiful floral hibiscus cap to protect their 100% Kolinsky bristles. Work with both ease and beauty with this gorgeous matte rose gold finish.

* Each brush comes with its own NailedAF decorative brush box.

* Brush Size: Oval #8

* Brush length: 17.5cm 

* Laser printed flowers and logo

Acrylic Brush Care:

  • Use with only Acrylic and EMA Monomer Liquid - Illegal MMA liquid may cause damage to the brush and/or handle when used.
  • Break in brush with monomer liquid and dry and reshape agaisnt a clean paper towel
  • Make sure to wipe frequently during application to prevent cured acrylic from setting into the bristles
  • Clean brush with monomer and dry/reshape with a clean paper towel
  • Store in a downward position with the cap on to prevent damage and remaining monomer flowing back into the brush