NailedAF the double entendre 😍Are your nails #nailedaf and of course my initials -Analuisa Franklin! lol Cute right?! 

I am a Las Vegas Resident and when I left my life of bartending and cocktail waitressing I was skeptical but wanted a change of pace. Even though the money was great, the nights were long and I was always working and was never able to spend time with my family. I thought what could I do to make great money and make my own schedule to where I can see my family more and have time for more things I love to do. I loved working in customer service and I loved art. Soo...I enrolled in Nail School. Academy of Hair Design, Las Vegas Nevada was where I attended during the day before work for the next 600 hours. Fast forward I graduated the day after Christmas 2019 and earned my license. I found a new passion and was excited to start taking clients and living and breathing nails.

I learned so much and had a handful of amazing clients! I loved what I did but more importantly I got to spend time with my little family and friends! I took on a business venture with my best friend April Ryan (Red Iguana CEO), which many of you know as NAILBOXY, the nail subscription box. I learned so much about running an online business and I loved everything about it! You probably know what happened next....

Pandemic hit 😢 as crazy life changed for us all. This was probably the most amazing transformation period of my life. Nailboxy was doing amazing and I no longer took clients. I found a new passion and it was running my own business.

I started building the foundation for NailedAF summer of 2020. Due to quarantine, I definitely had all the time in the world! After all my experience with Nailboxy and working for Red Iguana (which I still do), the long nights, the designing of packaging and all the product testing....NAILEDAF was born!

This is our story! We are so excited for this journey and have so much in store for you as we continue to build from the ground up! If you are reading this, I appreciate you checking us out and we are so happy to have you here!